Who Is Invisalign Treatment For?

Invisalign treatment aligns your teeth over a couple of months with the help of transparent aligners. You get the amazing smile you constantly desire with North Texas Family and Cosmetic dentistry; we use the world's most advanced equipment for your Invisalign treatment. In addition, you can maintain a healthy dental routine with these removable aligners.

How Much Does Invisalign Treatment Cost At North Texas Family and Cosmetic dentistry?

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Our Three-Step Invisalign Treatment At North Texas Family and Cosmetic Dentistry


Complimentary Invisalign Consultation

Schedule a complimentary consultation with a certified Invisalign dentist to determine if you are a candidate for invisible braces.


Get customized orthodontic care with Invisalign

Our advanced 3D imaging system will highlight the progress of your teeth at different treatment stages.


Get Your Smile

If you follow our practitioner's directions and wear aligners, you will likely get your smile back!

Regain Your Smile

Before And After Invisalign Treatment

Get Orthodontic Treatment Starting At $159/Month

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Invisalign VS Braces Comparison Chart

Invisalign Braces
Aligns your teeth
Easy-to-removable devices
Eat as per your convenience
Encourages normal brushing and flossing to maintain periodontal health
Effectively treats multiple cases: spacing, crowding, overbite, crossbite, and underbite
Get the feel of virtually invisible teeth straightening
Can replace hard metal with plastic to avoid irritation in gums and cheeks
Timely visits: Once in 4-6 weeks

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