Answer to The Age-Old Question: What to Give Your Child

Answer to The Age-Old Question: What to Give Your Child for An Afternoon/Evening Snack?

Children love having some treats, either in the evening or afternoon. There is nothing that can keep them away from snacking a little bit on sugary munchies in the evening. 

No matter how much our little ones love these tasty treats, these delicious sugary snacks come with their own vices and can cause harm like cavities to your child’s teeth. Cavities are developed when you consume sweet and sugary snacks that build up bacteria and result in tooth decay. 

The bacteria that build up develops into a sticky substance called plaque that covers your teeth. The formation of plaque is the reason for the dissolving of enamel, which, if not removed, will eventually cause cavities. 

Having said that, let’s have a look at some evening snack ideas, that are oral-friendly for your child. 

Oral Health-Friendly Evening-time Snacks Ideas For Your Child

A few teeth-friendly ingredients you can use while preparing your child’s evening time snacks are:

  • Make Cheesy Evening Meals

Use small cubes of cheese while preparing for a healthy snack. You can make excellent cheesy salads using aged cheese such as Swiss or Cheddar. Cheese is known to act as a catalyst in helping with the flow of saliva that helps to wash all the food particles away. 

  • Prepare Peanut Butter Sandwich

Highly packed with protein, it is a great option for kids who have a sweet tooth, as it tastes sweet and has many essential nutrients required for the growth of a child. You can use peanut butter with bread or a celery stalk to prepare an excellent evening food for your kid. It also contains fiber which is vital for the growth of a healthy body. 

Avoid preparing anything with peanut butter if your child happens to have any allergic reactions to nuts. 

  • Prepare Fruits dipped in Yogurt

You can get fresh fruits from the market like pears, apples, strawberries, and a tub of yogurt to make a wholesome fresh meal. Fruits dipped in peanut butter or yogurt tastes fresh and crunchy. These fruits have some amount of natural sweetness to them, which is liked by many kids out there.

  • Arrange Fresh Vegetables with Hummus

It is slightly higher on the healthy-scale than others, but that does not mean that it is not delicious. Cucumbers, carrots, and celery taste excellent with a dip in hummus. This can act as an excellent alternative snack option when you are out of new ideas for dishes. 

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