As your trusted family dentistry center, we are focused on helping you preserve your oral health for a lifetime. We ensure you can retain your beautiful set of teeth for a long time through a range of services, including orthodontics, restorative dentistry, regular dental checkups, and more.

To maintain good oral health, dental extractions may become a necessity. Conditions like extensive tooth decay, a wisdom tooth causing pain or overcrowding of teeth calls for an extraction procedure.

North Texas Family and Cosmetic dentistry brings together its experienced team and latest technologies to offer you safe dental extractions, Garland, TX.

Our friendly dental professionals will first discuss your medical history and then your oral condition to understand your concerns.

After a thorough examination, our specialists will devise a treatment plan that takes care of your health and preferences. Irrespective of your dental condition, rest assured that you will receive the best dental extractions and care possible from us.

Your comfort is our priority, which is why we offer sedation dentistry so that you receive a painless treatment and preserve your oral health without discomfort.

With your comfort in mind, we strive to make all our dental procedures safe and painless for a great experience.

‘‘I have gotten an implant crown and a bridge from Dr. Callier and his technicians in addition to regular checkups. The service is friendly, the explanations of all procedures superb, and I think they have better technology than other dentists.’’
Duncan Fick


Teledentistry software and application solutions in the future will enhance what is already readily available with more advanced technology as time goes by. Establishing a more regular line of communication will facilitate a stronger patient-dentist relationship in the coming future.
This technology allows dentists to create detailed, high-resolution images of their patients’ teeth and surrounding areas. Digital X-ray technology is also faster and produces less radiation than traditional X-ray technology, making it safer for patients.
While requiring some investment upfront, integrating digital technology provides dental practices with many advantages. Cutting-edge digital diagnostic tools, enhanced patient education capability, increased treatment precision, and improved practice efficiency are just some of the key benefits.


A healthy smile is a beautiful smile.