Whenever you drive across a bridge, you’re being supported by the same principles that support a dental bridge. Crowned teeth on either side of a space are called abutments. They support an artificial tooth, called a pontic. While a bridge lasts for many years, sometimes the strain of supporting one or more missing teeth can cause the abutments themselves to weaken and may lead to more missing teeth.


In many cases, dental implants offer a better alternative, eliminating most of the load-bearing strain you see in traditional bridge abutments. When carefully placed in the bone, an implant mimics the root of a tooth. They bear the load that the natural teeth used to hold, sparing the neighboring teeth from excessive forces. In some cases, two implants may be used to build a bridge.

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A dental bridge is normally made of a metal frame coated with porcelain or ceramic. Although usually sturdy, these materials can weaken due to improper oral hygiene. Dental bridges can also crack or chip in the same way that a normal tooth might.
Traditional bridges are the most common type of dental bridges, and these types of bridges are usually made of porcelain fused to metal or ceramics. Porcelain is the most common type of material used for fabricating crowns and bridges.
Porcelain is undoubtedly better because it withstands wear and tear on the teeth and helps maintain jaw movement when used in dental prosthetics like fixed Bridges. On the other hand, plastic confronts quicker abrasion and wears faster than porcelain.
The artificial teeth used on bridges and dentures are made of porcelain, which can be stained by dark and acidic foods and liquids. Because of this, the teeth on dentures and bridges need to be professionally cleaned by a dental professional for best results.


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