North Texas Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is happy to be your local family dentistry in Garland, Texas. We have been serving families in the area and surrounding communities with care and precision. With a team of expert dentists and advanced dental care solutions on hand, we offer a holistic healthcare approach for all your oral health needs.

Your trusted family dentist near you brings to you an array of solutions, ranging from deep dental cleaning to cosmetic dentistry and oral appliances. The moment you visit our center for family dentistry, Garland, TX, you will know that you’re at the right place for your oral healthcare needs.

On your visit, you will be welcomed by our compassionate team of dental professionals. We’ll start with a one-on-one conversation to understand your oral health problem, medical history, or other concerns.

Our family dentist will carefully analyze your condition and devise a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your unique requirements. Our personalized approach combined with advanced dental technology ensures all your needs are flawlessly taken care of.

We handle our little patients with extra sensitivity. Our friendly dentists make sure your little one’s early encounter with a dental procedure positively impacts their outlook toward oral health as they grow. With facilities specially designed to appeal to our little guests with a warm approach, you can rest assured that they’ll leave the center with a smile on their face.

Irrespective of your age or dental problem, your family dentistry, Garland, TX, will stand by your side throughout your oral healthcare journey.

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‘‘Beyond excellent. The entire staff from the front office, the dental hygienists, and especially Dr. Callier were friendly, concerned and took plenty of time to work with this very needle phobic patients. I was very impressed and have found my new dental family. I highly recommend the practice.’’
Ty Lawrence


Having excellent oral health is the key to maintaining excellent overall health. Some of the benefits of visiting a dentist regularly include: Lowered risk of developing serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, endocarditis, and pneumonia. Boosted self-esteem.
Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Clean between your teeth daily using floss or interdental brushes. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and limit added sugar intake. Visit the dentist regularly for check-ups and preventative care.
Brushing and flossing are the most important things that you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Use a toothpaste with fluoride to prevent cavities. Tartar is plaque that’s harder, and more damaging and difficult to remove.
Your natural teeth have long roots that securely anchor your teeth into your jaw. As you chew, those teeth roots stimulate and help maintain your jawbone. In this way, your teeth play an important role in the overall structure of your face.


A healthy smile is a beautiful smile.