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Did you know that scheduling regular dental visits at an early age is the key to the development of your children’s healthy teeth! Our team is dedicated to ensuring your child’s dental exam is calm and relaxing as we use visual aids to ensure your child is engaged in the process and having a little fun too! There is so much to share about brushing methods, teething and the development of adult teeth that we would love the chance to help you with your child’s oral health by developing a caring plan that works for both your child and you.

Following the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, our doctors suggest infants should come in for their first oral exam between the ages of six months to 1 year old.

Our doctors will review proper diet, age-appropriate hygiene, and go over pacifier use to make sure your child’s oral health starts strong and stays strong.

‘‘ It has been the only place where I don’t feel terror. From the sweet ladies at the reception to the staff and the Doctors, I feel at ease, welcomed and understood. The best dental office I ever been! ’’
Claudia Reyes


A general dentist will take x-rays every 12 months to ensure that there aren’t any jaw malpositions, bone loss, or shifts in your teeth. These abnormalities are often difficult to detect during routine exams.
Dental X-Ray don’t show everything in your mouth – only the areas visible on the film. So if something in your mouth is not causing problems (like a wisdom tooth), it won’t show up on a dental x-ray.
Dental X-rays play a key role in oral health. They enable a dentist to review their patients’ oral health development and identify underlying problems related to the teeth, jaw, and soft tissues of the mouth.


A healthy smile is a beautiful smile.