What Age Is Best To Get Orthodontic Treatment?

Having bad teeth always makes a natural smile less enjoyable. Not to forget the low self-esteem that comes with having crooked teeth. Most parents are aware of this and plan so their kids can get their first checkup for Orthodontic Treatment at a dentist in Garland, TX.

Most teenagers would gain from orthodontics, but when is the ideal time to wear braces?

If you have kids of your own, you might worry about dental problems arising from their jaw or tooth growing improperly. In addition, your children may need to become part of the statistics of people who require braces or other orthodontic appliances.

Continue reading if you want to learn when it is ideal to acquire braces. This subject and others will be covered in this post.

At What Age Should My Child Begin Orthodontic Visits?

By the time they turn seven years old, your child should typically get an orthodontic evaluation. The orthodontist will assess the condition of your child’s teeth and identify any issues requiring treatment during the orthodontic screening. 

Getting a checkup is advised as soon as possible because it helps to find any dental issues which need to be fixed before braces. This can result in a shorter time spent wearing braces and seeing the most out of porcelain veneers benefits.

Some orthodontists advise a two-phase method, in which dentition is carried out using dental appliances while the baby still possesses their baby teeth. This is occasionally believed to reduce the length of time braces need to be worn. 

However, some orthodontists disagree with this strategy and believe that orthodontic treatment should not begin until braces are worn. Severe congestion, misaligned teeth, underbites, crossbites, and exposed bits are a few early problems that must be fixed.

What Age Is Best?

While some generalizations hold in most situations, age does not entirely determine when a kid should get braces.

For starters, according to most orthodontists, children should wear braces when they reach the age of 10 and 14.

It is better to receive orthodontics at an early age like this from orthodontists in Garland, TX since they can move teeth and correct bites. The placement of braces is influenced by a child’s age when they typically have all their permanent teeth.

For braces to work best, a youngster must have the most permanent teeth. The condition of the jawbone is another critical issue. At this age, a child’s jawbone is still not entirely grown. The jawbone will continue be developing and maturing at this point.

This is the perfect condition for braces on a jawbone. A jawbone not fully grown allows teeth to shift more efficiently. It makes it much simpler for braces to cure most bite problems.

Second, it’s crucial to understand that most orthodontists agree that a child should have an oral examination mostly around age 7.

Therefore, although the child may not require braces until ten to fourteen. It is better to have a preliminary evaluation done while they are approximately seven years old.

You can read more about the difficulties your child might encounter with orthodontics. The timeframe to take into account if you start at this age.

Are Braces Affected By Age?

Age does affect the kind of orthodontics a patient can wear. Children, for instance, rarely use invisible braces since it can be challenging to wear the aligners. 

Adults and teenagers are more inclined to choose these solutions because they can alter their teeth even without the pain of braces and thus are impossible to detect.

Whether a patient is a kid, a teenager, or an adult, the typical time they must wear braces is generally the same. Although youngsters frequently complete treatment faster since their lips are more pliable. You can anticipate receiving therapy in about one to three years.

However, it makes no difference how old you are. Since orthodontic problems frequently get worse as you get older, it is best to get treatment from a dentist in Garland, TX, as soon as possible. 

For instance, a person with an overbite may discover that their teeth begin to project much more over time and become increasingly prone to decay and break.


Find a qualified orthodontist if you need braces or another type of orthodontic treatment, regardless of age. Remember, it is wise to trust an orthodontist in Garland, TX, with years of experience rather than settling for unprofessionals who can risk your dental health. 

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Your age isn’t the only bar when it comes to orthodontic treatment. However, if not done by professionals with years of experience, the results might differ! So the next time you think of opting for a dental procedure, reach out to North Texas Family & Cosmetic Dentistry professionals with years of experience in the field. Reach out with your questions today at 972-278-9901. 

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