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Implant Dentistry: Types, Benefits, and Steps

Dental implants refer to the replacement roots or surgical fixtures for missing teeth provided on jawbones. These replacements are the closest thing that acts and feels like natural teeth. 

Implant dentistry is widely practiced by many dentists and is offered by most dental clinics in the country. For example, those looking for implant dentistry Texas can check out NTFC Dentistry to find the best dentists all in one dental clinic. 

If you are considering getting implants for your tooth, then you have come to the right place. This article will walk you through the various types, benefits, and steps of implant dentistry to ensure you understand the entire process before going for implants. 

Types of Implant Dentistry 

There are mainly three types of implant dentistry –

  1. Single Tooth Dental Implant
  2. Implant-supported Bridge
  3. Implant-supported Denture 

Benefits of Implant Dentistry 

Implant dentistry is preferred by many due to several reasons. However, the main reason for its popularity is it helps people avoid the sunken look one gets from missing teeth. Thus, implant dentistry is preferred, especially by the younger generation.

  1. Help maintain teeth structure: Implants also help people maintain the structure, contours, jawline, and fullness of one’s face, which allows them to look younger and healthier.
  2. Real-like feeling: Implants are also favored as they present the benefits of having natural teeth. They function and look exactly like one’s natural teeth, which are not obtained by other forms of teeth replacement. 
  3. Act as natural teeth: Dental implants are also beneficial as they can stand on their own – unlike dental bridges that require surrounding teeth. 
  4. Easier to maintain: They are also much easier to maintain as they require essential flossing and brushing followed by very few visits to your dentist. 

Steps of Implant Dentistry 

Dental Implant Consultation 

The first step is to get a good implant consultation done by your dentist in garland, tx. Your doctor will determine whether your jawbones and gums have an adequate foundation for implants. You will be scheduled for implant placement if titanium implants can be posted to fill your missing teeth area. 

Implant Placement 

The implant placement takes place with the help of local anesthesia or oral sedation. Your dentist will place titanium implants in your missing tooth area after removing any damaged existing teeth.

Healing Period

Your body’s ability to heal will determine the success of your new implants – it takes 3-6 months to adjust with your jawbones and form a firm foundation for your replacement tooth.

Placing of Restoration

This last step deals with replacing teeth with the help of implant-supported dentures, partial or complete, implant-supported bridges, or dental crowns. Once your replacement teeth have been installed, your implant procedure is finally over! 


Thus, implant dentistry is an advantageous method of getting one’s missing teeth replaced with an almost natural implant. Implant dentistry is performed in virtually every dental clinic in the country and you can book a prior appointment with just a phone call. We hope this article helps you better understand the workings of implant dentistry and prepares you for our visit to get your teeth implant. 

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