When Is It Too Late To Visit A Pediatrician?

Every child’s life will often include visits to a pediatrician! However, when kids become older, they might not enjoy going to the same doctors who gave them medical care when they were young. Going to a different doctor may be the solution if your youngster believes they are too old to visit a pediatrician.

Finding a pediatric dentist in Garland, TX, for your child is necessary because of the various ways children and adults develop. But at what age should your child begin seeing a pediatrician, and when should they transition to adult medicine?

This article will explain the various growth phases in a child’s life and finally give you the answer you have always sought! At what age do you stop seeing your pediatrician?

What Is A Pediatrician?

Selecting a doctor to manage your child’s health care is only one of the many things you must do to prepare for your child’s birth. A pediatrician is a medical professional who examines children’s physical, behavioral, and emotional health. Currently, over 3,500 pediatricians are working in the US.

The pediatric dentist in Garland, TX, is qualified to identify and manage various juvenile disorders, from minor health issues to life-threatening conditions. Pediatricians have a degree in medicine and have finished a three-year pediatric residency program. 

Pass outs from the American Academy of Pediatrics complete challenging tests. Pediatricians must adhere to periodic continuing education requirements to maintain their certification.

By What Age Should You Consider Visiting A Pediatric?

The choice to change should be decided jointly by you, your kid, and their existing doctor because every child’s growth is unique. Pediatric dentist Garland TX will treat your child up until they are around 18 years old. Given below are the different age groups that every child goes through:


Your baby’s first 27 days are critical to their development; infants develop differently throughout this time. Since the time spent before the delivery date is typically not included, the neonatal stage could remain longer if your kid was born early. 

Your infant is now developing feeding habits and adapting to the outside environment. In addition, the child will begin to develop relationships with both parents.

You’ll need to carefully check your child during this stage since many birth or congenital problems become visible. Your newborn is also more vulnerable to infections in the first month of life that might later develop into more severe conditions.


Your child is viewed as an infant between one month and one year. This joyful time is marked by several developmental milestones, including smiling, lifting their heads, and grabbing things. 

Most often, the youngster can crawl, stand, pronounce a few words, and play with you or their siblings by the time this phase is over.

Early Childhood

Early childhood is the period between the ages of 2 and 5. As their brains expand to nearly 90% of their adult size, your kid will go through several physicals, social, and emotional developmental milestones. 

Early Adolescence

For most kids, adolescence starts around age 12 and lasts until 18. After that, your teenager will begin to develop their sense of self, mature sexually, and strengthen their relationships with their classmates. 

Adolescent children need to interact with others their age, and they will keep growing without their parents and other caretakers.

Late Adolescence

Your child will be considered an adult from 18 to 21, yet they will still be growing. Children are developing adult connections with their parents, disconnecting from caretakers, and beginning to think more abstractly and foresee their future.

Typically, pediatric treatment ends at the age of 18, at which point your child will begin seeing a general practitioner for adult care. Children are seen by a pediatric dentist in Garland, TX, here at the clinic until the age of 18, at which point they are sent to the adult medicine facility.


Beginning with the critical newborn stage and lasting into late adolescence, children go through several steps as they grow. You should look for a dentist in Garland TX, to help you navigate the journey because each one comes with unique health issues. 

Even though kids aren’t regarded as wholly developed until they become 21, most pediatric clinics treat young patients up to 18. So regardless of your child’s current phase, you should find a reputable clinic so you’ll know where to go in case of an emergency. All the best! 

You’re Sought After Pediatric Dentists!

Given the fragility of their health, we’re sure you’ll be confused about whom to consult for your child! Interestingly, we have you covered at North Texas Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. So visit us today to book an appointment for your child, or call us at 972-278-9901.

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