Tooth Replacement Options You Should Know

Most people lose their teeth because of one thing or another. The underlying cause might be old age or any accident. Besides, tooth cavities and decay also account for the reasons why people lose their teeth. Whatever the case, tooth replacement is the only option people have.

Any professional dentist in Garland, TX, will suggest that a lost tooth can make a person conscious and affect his speaking ability. The best way to overcome this situation is to get tooth replacements. 

Fortunately, a patient has several options to replace missing teeth. However, the top five replacement options that most dentists recommend are:

  1. Dental Implants
  2. Crown and bridges
  3. Partial dentures
  4. Implant-supported dentures
  5. Complete dentures

Let us discuss what the Garland dental implant dentists say about these options.

Dental Implant: What Is It About? 

It is a regular orthodontic treatment that your dentist might recommend when you lose teeth. Generally, a dentist considers this tooth replacement option for the following reasons:

  • First, it is easy for a dental implant to integrate with your bone.
  • Dental implants offer strong support to the bridges, crowns, or dentures.
  • Titanium is the metal used in the preparation of the implants. 
  • Implants are suitable when you have one or more missing teeth.

Your orthodontist will place the implant in your jaw. Once the jaw heals, he will attach a prosthetic tooth that looks like your natural tooth. Thus, this treatment will restore your ability to speak and your confidence.

Crowns And Bridges

Crown implants and bridges are other replacement teeth options. In recent years, more than one option exists to replace missing teeth. Implant crowns can be your go-to dental treatment when you lose a tooth in the front or the back. You can also ask a dentist in Garland to give implant bridges if you lose several teeth. 

Your dentist might suggest you this treatment because of its benefits: 

  1. First, they won’t have to grind your existing, healthy teeth.
  2. Second, crowns and bridges will function identical to your natural teeth.
  3. Third, the results will leave you aesthetically pleased.

Partial Dentures

These are one of the alternatives for missing teeth. If you lost a tooth, you could opt for a one-tooth denture. It is the best orthodontic treatment as it allows you to retain your existing teeth. 

Here are some advantages of dentures for one tooth or more.

  • These are comparatively inexpensive than dental implants, crowns, and bridges.
  • Patients who struggle with spacing in teeth can choose this dental treatment.
  • It is the best treatment for those who can’t wait for the long process of dental implants to conclude.

Implant-Supported Dentures

These dentures are implant-supported. Garland dental implants dentist can suggest removable or permanent dentures based on oral condition. The treatment begins with your dentist placing two dental implants into your jaw to support the dentures. After your jaw and gums heal, they fix custom-made prosthetic teeth.

Some benefits of implant-supported dentures are as follows:

  1. This treatment can act as your permanent teeth replacement option.
  2. Dental implants stay with you for several years. 
  3. They provide you comfort and restore your regular speech.
  4. In addition, dentures can be an inexpensive dental treatment if you opt for one or two replacements. 

Complete Dentures

Partial dentures might help you with only one or two teeth replacements. However, complete dentures are the only option if there is a need for more replacing the whole set of teeth. You can get this orthodontic treatment to replace your upper or lower jaw. 

Complete dentures offer various benefits to dental patients.

  • A lost tooth can interfere with your appearance. However, complete dentures help in restoring it.
  • In addition to making your speech comfortable, these also support your cheek muscles.
  • It is one of the fastest dental treatments for missing teeth.
  • Your dentist can help restore your facial dimensions with these as he can realign them. 


The times of worry about lost teeth are long gone. Instead, the dental world offers numerous treatments, like veneers for missing teeth and implants. 

You can visit your dentist today for a consultation if you suffer from such dental issues. He might suggest you the best treatment for your lost tooth. Thus, it will save you the trouble of struggling with your self-esteem. In addition, a replacement for teeth dental treatments will offer you the privilege of having the best smile. All the best!

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