Permanent Partial Dentures: Perfect Replacement For Few Missing Teeth?

Over the years, dentistry has advanced in numerous ways. Today, you no longer need to worry about losing one or more of your teeth to accidents or other natural causes. Dental appliances like dentures allow you to regain your lost smile and confidence by remodeling one or more teeth. 

Talking of dentures, we have partial dentures. Also known as partials, they’re a great option to restore a few missing teeth in your mouth. Interestingly, opting for partial dentures allows you to choose between upper or lower dentures based on the missing teeth in your jaw. 

In this blog, we look at the different types of dentures, focusing on using permanent partial dentures. So continue reading as we understand the types and benefits of dentures in the following sections. 

Partial Dentures: Your Appliance In Need

Generally, when visiting your nearest dentist in Garland TX, for missing or lost teeth, they introduce you to dentures. Depending on the severity of the situation, your expert can recommend partial or complete dentures. 

As the name suggests, partial dentures are removable dental appliances. Dentists mostly suggest partial dentures if you’re looking for a removable dental prosthesis and have some teeth left in your mouth. Removable partials are further available in three varieties, namely: flexible, cast metal, and partial acrylic dentures.

These dentures comprise permanent artificial teeth placed over a gum-colored base with plastic or metal clasps. 

On the contrary, applicants also have the option to settle for fixed partial dentures, permanent partials, or dental bridges. These dental prostheses are implanted surgically into the jawbone and are not detachable. Typical designs of fixed or long-lasting partial dentures include cantilever, traditional, Maryland, and implant-supported bridges.

Now that we know the two primary types of dentures let’s understand which option to choose and when. 

Temporary Vs. Permanent: Which Option Should You Consider?

Choosing the right partial dentures that best suit your needs can be pretty daunting. The availability of both removable and non-removable dentures further makes it a challenge. 

Yet, it’s important to understand that your choice of dentures isn’t yours alone. It depends on many factors, including your oral health, total missing teeth, and your budget for the dental appliance.

Here’s an overview of the different factors that impact your selection:

Number Of Teeth In The Dentures

Removable or permanent partial dentures aren’t your only options to replace missing teeth. You can choose between full dentures or bridges based on the number of missing teeth. 

For instance, you can use full dentures if you have an entire set of missing lower or upper teeth. On the contrary, you can choose bridges if you want to replace a few missing teeth. 


You might not always receive permanent partial dentures from your dentist. Instead, they could suggest you settle with a more temporary option. This selection is generally based on the number of rotting or unhealthy teeth your partial dentures will replace.

Materials Used

Next, the materials used in your dentures are another contributing factor that adds to your selection. Generally, patients get to choose between two options, namely:


A dentist may use metals like a combination of chromium and cobalt or resin to create a foundation for dentures. Additionally, they can use Titanium to create bigger partial dentures. 

Plastic & Polymers

The Oral Health Foundation also suggests using plastic bases, which are less expensive and more functional than metal bases. This is because metal bases are more lightweight and robust than plastic substitutes.

Dentures made of plastic or other polymers, however, also offer benefits such as:

  • Appealing aesthetic look
  • Ease of manufacture and maintenance
  • Flexibility inside your mouth

Since it’s difficult to do it yourself, we suggest consulting with a professional with proven expertise in dentures in Texas. These professionals might help you settle with the ideal denture after considering your present oral health, the number of teeth you wish to have replaced, and your budget. 

Rest assured that the dentist provides you with a variety of partial dentures and even discusses the advantages of each option to assist you in understanding how they might benefit you.

Perks Of Choosing Permanent Partial Dentures

A More Permanent Option

Permanent partial dentures are a more permanent solution to your lost teeth. Once fixed in your gums, you can rest assured that you needn’t worry about the appliance any longer. 

They Restore Your Ability To Talk & Chew

We frequently undervalue the significance of having healthy teeth. Yet, even one missing tooth can affect how your mouth functions, making it difficult to eat or converse. This is where partial dentures enter as a solution to replace lost teeth and restore function and confidence in your mouth.

Maintain Your Jaw’s Structure & Appearance

Having permanent partial dentures is a great way to maintain your jaw’s structure and appearance. Losing one or more teeth can significantly change your facial appeal over time. However, with permanent dentures, you no longer need to worry about such deformation. 

Now You Know!

This brings us to the end of our article on how permanent partial dentures are an excellent way to replace a few missing teeth. So now that you have an idea of the appliance and the process in detail, what’s stopping you from reclaiming your smile?

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Permanent partial dentures are a great way to add to your lost smile. With our experts at NFTC Dentistry, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best oral treatment.

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